Creating Violet

To introduce my Sims to you I came up with the category “CAS Stories”. Here you will find my thoughts behind my Sims’ looks and characteristics.
Violet’s look

I initially created Violet because I wanted to use the hair style (left picture) from the bowling night stuff pack. Until then no one of my Sims had the right face shape for that hair style. When I came across a picture of young Elizabeth Taylor everything became easy. The dark hair, the purple eyes, the fair complexion, the curvy body and the vintage style are inspired by her. Since I didn’t want a Sim version of Elizabeth Taylor I named her Violet Glamour. I uploaded her on the gallery and did not plan on actually playing her.

Violet’s characteristics

Like Liz Violet is English and was introduced to the film industry as a child. She lacked special talent but had the looks. Her parents were highly disappointed. Somehow, it is ironic that once she escaped her parents’ toxic influence she was discovered as a comedian. (And she reached the highest level of the comedy career!)

The only warmth she got in her childhood was from her younger brother Jan. Sadly, she had to witness him and other close friends of her dying in a terrible accident. Thankfully, Jan’s daughter Sara, born on the same day as Violet’s daughter Emma, is still in her life. Besides her husband Corentin, the girls helped Violet to deal with the loss.

She is a loyal, caring Sim that sticks to her convictions especially when it’s hard. For example, at the age of 21 she met Victor Feng, who was married then. Although there was something going on between them from the beginning she didn’t give in her feelings until he was divorced. (She wasn’t the reason for the divorce.) Victor was her first husband. He and her second husband died before they even could go on honeymoon, which gave her the reputation of a gold digger.

She loves animals, prefers tea to coffee and has a taste for luxury.