Creating Corentin

Once Corentin was known as the “vegetarian” vampire Caleb Vatore. He witnessed Violet finally breaking free from her past. It was quite a sight! The moment he saw her, he was drawn to her. And I wanted to give them a chance. Since I don’t play with vampires, this meant Caleb was in for a makeover!


Corentin’s look

Features like Caleb’s cheekbones, his brown hair in combination with grey eyes and his statue reminded me of Alain Delon. So Corentin became French. Pictures of Alain Delon also gave me hints of how Corentin would dress.


Corentin’s characteristics

I didn’t want to erase Corentin’s past as Caleb. So I came up with the idea that Corentin was a secret agent and Caleb Vatore his undercover identity. I figured out that it made sense for him to use his real initials when going undercover. So I looked for French names with C and V and liked Corentin Vaillant the most.

He introduced himself to Violet under his real name and stopped working as a secret agent when they were married. He didn’t want to endanger the bliss he found with Violet and never was so happy with a decision when Emma was born. Since then he worked as a vet but he needed more action in his life. Meeting an old friend, who knew his secret past, gave him the opportunity to act in an action series. So far he loves it.

Corentin is as charming as he is loyal to his wife, family, friends, employers or country.

He likes to help other’s in need whether they are human or animals. (His first date with Violet turned into a mission to rescue a cat. That cat “Chips” lives with them to this date.)

In his free time he likes to paint, keep the bees and garden.

He moved Violet from the city, because he prefers the country life.