Winter Vacation


It was the second year les Vaillants went to Granite Falls for a winter vacation. Like last year they got homesick immediately.

Violet and Emma went straight to bed as if to say: “Wake us up when it’s time to go home!”. Even when it’s dark in the first picture, when they arrived, it wasn’t time for bed! Funny enough, they chose the same room as last year.

This year too, they were accompanied by Violet’s niece Sara and her family. At the age of 2, Sara had to endure quite some changes since last year. Her mother betrayed her adoptive father with not one but two other Sims and they divorced. Sofia left her and her baby brother Florian behind. Anton, her adoptive father, married again and now Emma’s best friend Justin is Sara’s stepbrother.

Martina, Sara’s new stepmother and Justin’s adoptive mother (it’s complicated enough for now ;D), was no stranger to Corentin and Violet. They were friends before Anton and Martina met. Both Sims were dear to Violet and Corentin.