Zelda Mae, the most welcoming Sim ever!

When you move to a new placeĀ  you want to meet someone like Zelda Mae. She made Emma feel at home in Sunset Valley almost immediately.

They met in the “Fellowship of Believing Sims Church”, the first place Emma visited.

After the service Zelda greeted Emma, who she had never seen in church before. Emma said that she was new in town and didn’t know anyone. Zelda, who once was known for her immature behavior, knew how important relationships were to get your life in the right direction. So she took Emma under her wings.

She showed Emma around Sunset Valley and helped her to get better payed in her job.

When Emma told Zelda that she was part English part French, Zelda wanted to give Emma a taste of home and invited her in to a French restaurant.

Last but not least Zelda introduced Emma to her nephew Parker Langerak.